Guided Dives

Diving in Dahab is fun!

There are a wide variety of dive spots here from shallow dives over sandy bottoms to coral gardens and wall dives next to huge drop offs.
We dive directly from the shore so whenever you feel like it, we’ll explore the underwater world with you.
In between dives you can simply enjoy the view with some delicious Indian food from our restaurant.
With well maintained equipment and professional safe diving skills combined with guides and instructors that are eager to get under the water with you, we ensure you will have an unforgettable time..​


Dahab’s Local Sites

Location: Dahab, 28°29.944N; 34°31.182E
Description: Reef / shore / night dive
Depth: 15 metres (50 feet) – 35 metres max (115 feet)
Visibility: 15 – 30 metres (50 – 100 feet)

Access to all of Dahabs local sites require very little use of transport if any, as we have some great sites right on our doorstep. In the few cases a car is required the furthest site is never more than a 10 min journey so you can enjoy the wonder of reefs like the Lighthouse, Eel Garden, Bannerfish Bay, Mashraba and not forgetting a personal favourite The Islands.

Southern Oasis

Location: Dahab, 28°28.632N 34°30.692E
Description: Shore; Reef; Coral garden; Lagoon
Depth: 2-30m
Visibility: 20m
Currents: Mild

Access to the southern Dahab dive sites lies about 20 minutes south of the town near Wadi Ganai, the ‘Southern Oasis’. All along the picturesque bay, Bedouin style palm arishas (shelters) have been erected to provide shade and a place to relax and eat in between dives. The landscape here is beautifully bleak; from a distance the sea appears close enough to be lapping at the foundations of the mountains surrounding this area. Very photogenic!


Bells and Blue Hole

Location: North Dahab, 28°34.367N 34°32.207E
Description: Shore; Reef; Drop-off; Technical diving
Depth: 200m +
Visibility: 30-40m
Currents: Mild

The famous Bells and Blue Hole dive sites are situated about a 30 min drive north of Dahab and have a variety of diving option for both the recreational diver and technical diver.


Abu Helal and Abu Talha

Dive Site: Abu Helal / Abu Talha
Location: Dahab, 28°32.543N; 34º30.988’E
Description: Reef / drift dive / technical dive site
Depth: 60 metres + (200 feet)
Visibility: 30 – 40 metres (100 – 130 feet)