Special Diving Safaris

Fancy something a little bit special or just have already sampled the numerous fantastic dive sites that Dahab has to offer then why not come and try one of our special diving safaris where we will take you to the creme de la creme of dive sites that the South Sinai has to offer and to top it off our means of transport to these locations can vary from a gentle relaxing boat trip or for the more adventurous then why not try one of our Camel safaris for that real desert experience.

Dive the famous SS Thistlegorm

Location: 27°42’00”N; 34°05’00”E
Description: Container ship
Length: 126 meters approx. (413 feet)
Depth: 16-33 meters (52-108 feet)
Visibility: 20-30 metres (65-100 feet)
Rating *****

The Thistlegorm was discovered in 1956 by Jacques Cousteau and is probably the most famous wreck in the world. It sank 1941 when it was hit by a German bomb that blew a hole in the port side, igniting tank ammunition that was in the hold. The explosion ripped the roof of the ship backwards, rather like opening a tin of sardines. The stern section of the wreck lies almost horizontal to the se bed; the remainder of the wreck is nearly upright. Inside the wreckage, tyres, tanks, motorbikes, Bedford trucks, waders and wellington boots can be seen. Penetration is possible around the bridge and blast area. The large prop is still in position and the guns on the stern are in excellent codition. Atillery litters the blast area. A bath tub can be seen towards the bow and a toilet near the stern. The sea life is impressive with the possibility of seeing tuna overhead the resident turtle.

Boat trip to Gabr el Bint in Nabq National Park

Location: South Dahab, 20°21.211N; 34°25.999E
Description: Boat dive/ coral garden/ drop off
Depth: 1-30 metres (3-100 feet)
Visibility: 30 metres (100 feet)
Rating: *****

Gabr el Bint ranks among one of the most attractive sites of South Sinai. With the access by boat, 4×4 or by camel, it is less frequently dived than other dive sites in Dahab which has left this site in pristine condition. Gabr el Bint means ‘The Grave of the Girl’ in Arabic. There are two dives possible here. The right side, also known as the dark side, features a steep wall that drops down to about 60m cut by numerous chasms, sandy ravines and overhangs. The drop-off is adorned with healthy table corals. The left side is far more colourful featuring a virtual forest of gorgonians. Usually drop down to about 20-25m swimming along massive boulders protruding from the drop-off which attracts dense shoals of anthias and glassfish. Keep a good eye on the blue where you will see trevalles hunting on the shoals of fusiliers. After about ten minutes you will find some of the healthiest gorgonian fan corals in the Red Sea. Here you start to ascend to about 10m and cross the saddle then start to head back along a sandy ledge is riddled with exquisite coral heads that attract numerous reef species, including swarms of anthias, scorpionfish, parrotfish, crocodilefish, stingrays and very often a turtle. At the end of the ledge usually is home to a shoal of black and white snappers and twinspot snappers hang here between 5m and 10m. One of the truly breathtaking dives in Dahab.

Camel Safari to Ras Abu Galum

Location: Dahab, 28°36.778N; 34°33.268E (90 minutes camel ride from the Blue Hole)
Description: Shore dive/ coral garden
Depth: 1-30 metres (3-100 feet)
Visibility: 30 metres (100 feet)
Rating: ****

A sandy slope decends away from the shore witht the reef wall starting on both sides. Dive to the left where the reef table swings wide into a steep wall die with pinnacles and dramatic rock formations, always keep one eye fixed on the blue as you will often see tevllies and jacks while the resident turtle crosses beneth them close to the wall. Ascend a bit shallower and you will find beautiful fire corals and schools of reef fish.